We ship your goods from the United States to Nigeria. We provide the best shipping service for you and your loved ones who are in the US and want to send goods to Nigeria. We will receive, pack, and ship your items across international borders so that you can enjoy them at home with ease. Whether you need a shipment of goods for a personal event or something else, we can help!

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Olawale John Olalekan


Oluwaseun R Bodede


Ajayi P. Adedayo

Experience Manager(NG/US)

Amoo A. Oluwatosin

Warehouse Manager(NG)

Fasasi R. Oladayo

Operation Manager (NG)

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We are committed to our people and believe in investing in them. People development is a continuous process for every member of our team, in order for them to further improve their knowledge and skills to meet the challenges ahead.

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