When will I get my package?

All the shipped packages take 8 – 12 business days to be ready for pickup in our Lagos office. This estimated time will start counting after the package has been shipped out of our US warehouse to Nigeria.  All customers will get shipping notifications and updates. In any case of customs delay in Nigeria, all customers will be duly informed.

Does your shipment cover all other countries or is it just Nigeria?

We are not in another country yet. We only ship from the US to Nigeria for now.

Do you ship from Nigeria to the US?

Not yet, we are still focusing on the US to Nigeria for now.

Do you handle deliveries of packages to other states like Abuja, Port Harcourt, Osun, Oyo, Delta, and Kano? Or is it just within Lagos?

Yes, but any package going outside our office in Lagos will attract an additional fee of $12.

Do you ship packages sent from friends or families in the US or do you only cover shipping of products ordered online?

Yes, but some restrictions apply. All information needed by Afroshipper must be provided – the sender must be able to present his/her government-issued Identity card and contact number. The item must also be in your name, your home address and the home address must match your address on file.

Do you have a list of online options one can order from for you to handle the shipment or it does not matter?

No, it does not matter. There are no restrictions on the retail store you shop from. As long as they ship to our address in the US, your package will get to you in Nigeria.

What should we expect from your customer service?

Professional and friendly service. Our customer service staff are here to help you with any information related to what we offer.

What does your business entail?

Package forwarding – we provide our free US address for those who would like to shop in the US. Also, we assist in the shipment of those packages to the doorsteps of the owners. We also provide HELP ME BUY services, where we assist customers to purchase items from online retail stores.

Must I pick up my package or do you also handle home delivery service?

Yes, you can choose to pick up your package at our office in Lagos or you pay for the home delivery.

Can Afroshipper help me buy items in the US?

Yes, we offer HELP ME BUY services where we assist customers to purchase items from online retail stores.

How soon will my order be placed after I submit my help me buy request on the website?

The order will be placed within 24 hours after the payment has been confirmed.

What if the item is out of stock?

We will provide an option for you to select another item or get a full refund from us including the service fee.

What are the modes of payment for HELP ME BUY services?

Customers can pay in Naira or USD via our online payment portal.

What is the cost of shipping a package?

We charge $6 per pound for all shipments while items like glass, furniture, television, or any other fragile items will have an optional crating fee.

What is Crating?

Crating is an additional shipping container that protects fragile items from being damaged during shipment. Crating is optional but highly recommended.

Are there hidden charges that I do not get to know until I have started processing my order?

There are no hidden charges or additional charges for clearing. You may only be charged an additional $12 for the optional home delivery.  You will not be charged the delivery fee if you did not select the option on your shipment.  Please, see our full pricing page for the details about our rates. You can also use our online calculator to have an idea of what your shipping fee will be.

What are the acceptable modes of payment?

The modes of payment we accept include Debit Card, Credit Card (Credit cards must be in the customer’s name), and bank-to-bank transfers, either in Naira or US dollars. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH

Is it a one-time payment or a different fee is attached for home delivery?

Yes, your shipping fee only covers the shipping from the US to our Office in Lagos. Outside Lagos or home delivery will attract an additional $12 respectively.

What do I do if I do not get my package delivered?

First, track your package with the provided tracking number. Second, contact our office in Nigeria during business hours to be sure there is no unforeseen delay on the shipment.

What happens if my package gets mixed up in transit?

We are very detailed and professional at Afroshipper but if your package gets mixed up by any chance, please contact our office immediately or the next business day.

What if my package got missing in transit?

We always try our best to safely deliver packages to the owners but on any occasion that your package got missing, please, contact our office immediately and we will take full responsibility for it.

Does Afroshipper offer shipping insurance under circumstances like: loss of package, damage, or theft?

Yes, But the customer must report any loss, damage, or theft to us within 48 hours after your package has been delivered to you to get a full refund. However, Refund does not include international shipping costs. We offer free Cargo Insurance for crated fragile items. Fragile items without crating do not qualify for free Cargo insurance.

What should I do when I am not satisfied with your customer service?

We take our customer service experience very seriously, that is why we have another department that handles all customer complaints. You can contact our customer experience department at support@afroshipper.com  or  +234-904-342-2744 One of our staff in the customer experience department will respond to you within 24 hours except on weekends.